For Students and Trainees

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Lee-Baggley provides clinical supervision for clinical psychology practicum students and clinical psychology residents. The clinical service involves providing assessment and therapy services to liver transplant candidates and recipients and kidney donors in the Multi-Organ Transplant program.
Theoretical orientations includes motivational interviewing, behaviour modification, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Supervision is focused on fostering the development of a professional identity as a health psychologist and understand the unique issues in working as a health psychologist.

Research Supervision

Research opportunities include honor’s projects, independent research projects, comprehensive projects, research in motion (RIM) or other research projects.

Dr. Lee-Baggley’s program of research includes the following areas:

Treatment and management of obesity

This research focuses on low-cost, sustainable interventions such as brief interventions and technology (e.g., smarphone apps) using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Coping with chronic disease

My colleagues and I are currently validating a measure to assess “chronic disease distress” in individuals with end-stage liver disease and individuals on dialysis as well as developing interventions to treat chronic disease distress. I am also collaborating on a CIHR-funded, randomized waitlist-design intervention to help individuals with chronic conditions in the workplace better manage their chronic disease and stay engaged in the workforce.

Professional resiliency

This research involves ongoing projects using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to support healthcare providers to engage in self-care and improve behavioral effectiveness in the workplace.

Behaviour change and chronic disease management

This includes outcome research through the Behaviour Change Institute (BCI) on our competency based training for healthcare providers in behaviour change skills. In addition, we are currently validating interventions to promote professional readiness for change to learn behaviour change skills.

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