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by | Aug 28, 2021

Charge Your Battery: Self-Care Skills Training for Healthcare Providers

During COVID-19

These sessions are based on an empirically supported professional resiliency program that has been adapted for healthcare providers dealing with COVID-19. In times of crisis, health care providers often work hard in selfless ways to maintain the health of their patients. The stress this creates may lead to increased susceptibility towards burnout and mental and physical illnesses. These sessions review empirically based skills that healthcare providers can use to engage more consistently in self-care behaviours (i.e., “charge their batteries”) even during this crisis. The ultimate goal is to help feel more engaged and fulfilled not just at work but also at home. 

Empirically Based Strategies to Promote Mental and Physical Health

in Patients During COVID and Beyond (6 weeks)

This workshop provides evidence-based information and techniques to promote and foster mental and physical health for patients. This workshop reviews common emotional and mental health issues likely to be encountered by physicians and teaches evidence-based skills that physicians can use to support patients’ mental health and to support their own well-being. In particular, the workshop takes into account the added mental health burden due to the pandemic and strategies appropriate and relevant for the pandemic. These strategies are based on empirically supported knowledge and skills drawn from literature on mental health, stress, coping, emotional management, chronic disease management, and behaviour changes, and provides ways to discuss these tips with patients in applicable, understandable ways within the scope of practice of physicians.

This workshop is a collaboration between Dr. Lee-Baggley & Associates Inc., and the Office of Lifelong Learning, with support from the Offices of Advocacy & Wellbeing, Professionalism, and Clinical Faculty at the University of Alberta.

Next program: Starts Sept 22, 2021 and runs Wednesday nights 6:30-8 PM Eastern Time (4:30-6 PM Mountain Time and 7:30-9 PM Atlantic Time)

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Managing COVID-19 related Death and Grief for Frontline Workers (6 weeks)

Frontline workers during COVID have been faced with an unprecedented amount of death and have experienced patients having more difficult deaths as a result of COVID. Yet most healthcare providers are never taught how to manage death or the unique ways grief shows up as a healthcare provider. This program offers evidenced based tools to deal with death, grief, and loss specially adapted for medical frontline providers.

Next program: Coming Soon


Chronic Disease Management Skills for Healthcare Providers

There is an urgent need for healthcare providers to promote sustained health behaviour change in order to improve chronic disease management. Research shows that behaviour change improves health outcomes and that healthcare providers can make a meaningful impact on patients’ health behaviours. However, most health care providers have little training, and therefore low confidence in, behaviour change skills. This workshop provides concrete, applicable skills based on the latest research that healthcare providers can use to support health behaviour change and chronic disease management.

When offered as a two day workshop, we also include professional readiness training. This program is based on an evidence based program designed to provide healthcare providers skills to manage the stress of change and improve adoption of behaviour change skills into their clinical practice.

Recommended length: 1 or 2 day workshop*


Professional Resiliency and Burnout Prevention

Healthcare providers have some of the highest rates of burnout across professions. They also have some of the lowest rates of help seeking. This program offers practical, real-life strategies to help prevent and cope with burnout and improve professional resiliency in healthcare providers. Participants will be introduced to some of the latest empirically based skills and techniques that have been shown to improve well-being and resiliency. In particular, participants will learn to recognize and manage what “gets in the way” of engaging in the self-care they already know they “should be doing.”

Recommended length: 1 day workshop*

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