Health professionals

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the health of frontline healthcare providers. At Dr. Lee-Baggley and Associates we combine our empirically based knowledge in psychological interventions with the experience of working in medical units for over a decade. We offer interventions for PTSD, burnout, and moral injury specifically tailored for medical frontline providers.

Managing COVID-19 related death and grief for frontline workers (6 weeks)

Frontline workers during COVID have been faced with an unprecedented amount of death and have experienced patients having more difficult deaths as a result of COVID. Yet most healthcare providers are never taught how to manage death or the unique ways grief shows up as a healthcare provider. This program offers evidenced based tools to deal with death, grief, and loss specially adapted for medical frontline providers. 

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Empirically Based Strategies to Promote Mental and Physical Health in patients during COVID and beyond (6 weeks)

This workshop provides evidence-based information and techniques to promote and foster mental and physical health for patients. This workshop reviews common emotional and mental health issues likely to be encountered by physicians and teaches evidence-based skills that physicians can use to support patients’ mental health and to support their own well-being. In particular, the workshop takes into account the added mental health burden due to the pandemic and strategies appropriate and relevant for the pandemic. These strategies are based on empirically supported knowledge and skills drawn from literature on mental health, stress, coping, emotional management, chronic disease management, and behavior changes, and provides ways to discuss these tips with patients in applicable, understandable ways within the scope of practice of physicians.

Next program: Starts Sept 22, 2021 and runs Wednesday nights 6:30-8 PM Eastern Time (4:30-6 PM Mountain Time and 7:30-9 PM Atlantic Time)