Behavior Change Research Institute

We are a team of health professionals

who study behavior change in chronic

disease.  We help individuals and health

care providers to change behaviors in

ways that support chronic disease self


Our Mission
We empower individuals, teams, leaders, and systems to change behaviours and be healthier by generating, using, and sharing evidence-based psychological knowledge to reduce suffering and increase quality of life for seekers and providers of health, employees and organizations, and our local and global communities.
Our Values
Be Wise

-generate and use evidence-based knowledge to reduce human suffering and increase joy

-be informed of and share evidence based practices

-use resource such as time wisely and prioritize the things that matter

-create sustainable practices

 Be Real

-study real life issues using real life participants in real life solutions

-conduct research with participants not on participants

-translate knowledge into usable, practical, applicable tools

-disseminate widely and accessibly

-show up as your authentic self

 Be Well

-know, express, and respect boundaries

-model self-care and refueling

-we are most productive when we take care of ourselves and our families

-taking care of family does not require an apology

-ask for help when you need it

 Be Kind

-meet people where they are

-be inclusive

-be compassionate and nonjudgmental

-work to increase accessibility

-make generous assumptions of others

-offer help when you can

Our Work
Changing Behaviors 

 Our Tools to guide you towards self management

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