Behavior Change Research Institute

We study behavior change in chronic disease. Both behavior change in individuals living with chronic disease and in healthcare providers to better support self-management of chronic disease.

Our Mission
We empower individuals, teams, leaders, and systems to change behaviours and be healthier by generating, using, and sharing evidence-based psychological knowledge to reduce suffering and increase quality of life for seekers and providers of health, employees and organizations, and our local and global communities.
Our Values

Be Wise

-generate and use evidence-based knowledge to reduce human suffering and increase joy

-be informed of and share evidence based practices

-use resource such as time wisely and prioritize the things that matter

-create sustainable practices

 Be Real

-study real life issues using real life participants in real life solutions

-conduct research with participants not on participants

-translate knowledge into usable, practical, applicable tools

-disseminate widely and accessibly

-show up as your authentic self

 Be Well

-know, express, and respect boundaries

-model self-care and refueling

-we are most productive when we take care of ourselves and our families

-taking care of family does not require an apology

-ask for help when you need it

 Be Kind

-meet people where they are

-be inclusive

-be compassionate and nonjudgmental

-work to increase accessibility

-make generous assumptions of others

-offer help when you can

Our Work